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We think our work speaks for itself. We believe in fine craftsmanship and pride in a job well done that isn’t seen that often anymore.

24/7 remotely accessible and recorded security is the best way to know what is happening on your property. We can utilize existing structures and make your security system relatively unobtrusive.

We have highly qualified technicians who will make sure the job gets done right and to your satisfaction.


If your DVR or NVR isn’t recording long enough for you, give us a call for reconfiguration or storage expansion. Nowadays, high capacity storage for longer record/storage times is a necessity.

Even when the work won’t be seen, our technicians take pride in their behind-the-scenes work. Even though the cables are unseen, everything is neat and orderly, which will make any future maintenance so much easier.

Upgrading or new installations in an existing structure can often pose logistic problems. But with years of experience, we always find a solution that works for both the client and the unique location. This retrofit was a perfect solution for this project.

Look at how neat and clean these color-coded terminals are!

Our crew recently finished a complete school renovation in just 6 short weeks to meet a tight deadline. Not only did everything get done on time, but we maintained our standards of a clean, neat installation.

A good example of the proper method of transitioning cable types in a fire alarm installation.

Here’s a look at the intricacies of a modern fire alarm system panel.

If your fire alarm panel looks like spaghetti thrown against a wall, let us take care of installing it right! Just imagine how much easier any future maintenance will be with this clean installation.

Here are our technicians focusing on a high-end fire detection system installation.

Here’s a view of a top-of-the-line fire detection and alarms sytem.

Looking for that special career?

We are always on the lookout for qualified electrical technicians and other professionals to fill various positions in our family-run company.