Open House was a Hit!

The open house we had for our new facility was a great hit and we thank everyone who came out! Our ribbon cutting was “smiles all over” and everyone had a great time!

Protect Our Kids Against Shooters In Our Schools

Automated Gunshot Detection drastically reduces response time and provides everyone the information they need, to survive an active shooter event. Give our kids the best protection possible against an active shooter.

Fire Prevention & Safety Checklist

According to statistics, you may have less than 3 minutes to get out of your home in the event of a fire. With that incredibly short amount of time to get to safety, make sure everyone in your home knows what to do if there is a fire. Here is a home emergency...

Voice Evacuation Systems

Some facilities are required by the federal, state or local codes to maintain a voice evacuation system. These systems are specially designed public address systems, typically used during fire situations though now being utilized in a growing number of emergency...