Offering close circuit survellience and access control to better protect your assets.

Security systems are becoming more and more widespread. Just about everywhere you go anymore you’re on camera. Many companies find it useful to keep their facilities on camera for many reasons. The most important ones are theft and intrusion. With the way the economy is and looks to be heading, there is more need for these types of systems. A simple few cameras can deter people from making those bad decisions to you or your property. All of the new systems are relatively easy to use no matter how big of a system you need. Basic computer skills are about the only requirement to operate a security system.

Whether you are managing a healthcare facility or an office complex, a manufacturing facility or a retail complex, your security risks are higher than ever before. Camera systems have come a long way in the past few years. With computer advancement and wireless technology, there is really nothing you can’t do. No matter how large or small of a building or area you want to cover, we can build you a solution.
In today’s world your security measures must be larger than any individual system, whether it is access control, personal security, CCTV, life safety, emergency lighting, perimeter protection, or intruder detection. Your complete security solution must include multiple systems working together in a flawless integrated security environment that can easily be managed from one point of control.

The new types of systems can do virtually anything. Most systems now offer remote accessing which is helpful if you spend a lot of time traveling. You can get online to maintain the system or just to view your cameras. All of our wireless systems are done over secure networks so your systems are safe. Another very handy feature is having a DVR or NVR. These are for recording your cameras images. So even if you don’t realize that something has happened for a few days you can go back and look at the images to get a much clearer idea. Most of these systems can be built to suite your specific needs. Including inside/outside, night/day, multiple levels, long distance, multiple buildings and so on.

But security systems just don’t stop at cameras any more. They can include card access, door locks, keypad controls, monitoring, intercom systems and much more. Many corporations are now utilizing some of these features. Remote card access is becoming more and more popular. These key cards can be programmed to allow or not allow people access to rooms, closets or storage facilities. This can be very important with crime rates up so high.

We have the expertise and resources to design and install your integrated security system.