Fire Alarm Systems

Code compliant and reliable installations

Fire Alarm Systems are a vital part of your commercial or residential electrical infrastructure. Fire alarm systems are one of the most important things that businesses and commercial occupancies can have. The protection of people in and around your building is of the utmost importance. Fire alarm systems do just that. With fast and accurate alarming and evacuation, people’s lives and property can be saved in the event of a fire. With the new technology and constant advancements in the field, it is very important to keep your system up to date and in the best and most reliable working order.

Many of the new systems can also be integrated with other systems such as CCTV or security. Fire alarms are not just bells and lights anymore. New advances are allowing system integrating with door locks, nurse call, card access, voice evacuation and more. Almost all of the mid/large scale systems are fully computerized and offer many options.

New system installs and old system upgrades are becoming more advanced with all of the new building codes being enforced and applied. Many new components are coming into play such as beam detectors and addressable devices. These allow for more user- friendly and more professional looking installations, as well as more reliable and accurate systems. Some of the new systems can tell you where a fire is located down to a specific room or closet. Although the basic devices such as pull stations and horn/strobes will always be used, it is nice to have options on some of the other devises. Systems can be directly designed to facilitate your specific needs and requirements. This is a basic main panel shows with its battery box and power supplemental systems. This type of panel is designed to handle multiple operations. Other panels can also be directly linked to it to handle more devices or circuits. This type of panel would be found in a large-scale application, as voice evacuation is only required in taller buildings.

This is a typical installation of a fire alarm control room. This area does not necessarily have to be located in the front of the building. There are “annunciator panels” that can be installed in multiple locations to relay information from the panel to other users. For example, many facilities put the main panel in the maintenance area of the building and put a annunciator wire panel in the engineer’s office and behind the front desk in a hotel.

Our company can design, supply, install and maintain a system for whatever your needs should be. Our employees have many years of training and plenty of installs behind them. From single story offices to 20 story hotels, we have you covered. We install parts and systems for some of the leading manufactures such as Simplex Grinnell, Honeywell and Notifier. All of these companies have well respected life safety products. All of our work is done in accordance to NFPA and local codes. A properly installed fire panel will meet all applicable codes.